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Healthy eating for dancers!

Tessa Renée



You may think to yourself, hey, why do I need to eat healthily? As much as I love my sugary carbs and then some....!; eating healthy will actually benefit you more than you can imagine. Especially if you’re a dancer, eating healthy will affect you in every possible way – positively, that is. You want to make your body work at its best and feel absolutely awesome, and the easiest way to do that is to get used to that healthy lifestyle. It will affect your endurance, energy level, and athletic performance, all of which are extremely important when it comes to dancing and pretty much any other physical exercise. Apart from that, staying healthy will keep your skin looking lovely and your mood up high – who wouldn’t want that in their lives, right?
I think that the most common mistake people make that puts them off eating healthy is seeing it as a diet – a diet is going off a certain food for a period of time. Eating healthy is a lifestyle! It isn’t a temporary thing you do that feels like a punishment – it should make you feel amazing!
If you wanna find out more about why or how the healthy lifestyle will affect you, you can learn all about it in a video I recently posted up on YouTube, where I share with you, my TOP THREE tricks for eating healthy! They’re all super effective and I use them all the time, so why not check it out?
Here’s the link:
Tessa x

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