Designed by a Dancer for a Dancer

Meet Tessa Renée...

Fitness. Dance. Beauty. Fashion. 
My name is Tessa Renée Wilkinson and I am a dancer with a passion for beauty, fashion, and fitness.
I have always noticed the lack in stylish dancer specific bags. I always had to resort to overpriced yoga bags that felt like an endless pit where I couldn't find anything. There was never good pockets to keep things organized or if the bag had good compartments it was ugly... it became very annoying. The older I got, the more annoying it became so I decided to do something about it. My mother and I started designing dancer specific bags about two years ago with the goal of creating organized and fashionable bags. We are so beyond excited to say that the bags are finished and in stock!!! They have been made by a dancer for a dancer with the promise of easy organization and irresistible fashion!
Now a quick about me :) 
I live a lifestyle of striving to be the best I can be as both a performer and a person. I am a firm believer that with hard work comes life-changing opportunities. As a result of my performing efforts, I have enjoyed the privileges of starring on television series like Dance Moms and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (AUDC). In addition, I have worked with many talented professionals in the industry. Working alongside so many talented people has given me much knowledge and unforgettable experiences, all of which, have bolstered me as an all-around performer. Knowing this, I would like to introduce you to my products and life in the dance world.
If you’re serious about dancing and want to bring your skills, as well as your ability to handle yourself in a professional manner, up a notch, then subscribe to my blog and Youtube channel tessareneetr, I post valuable weekly content to help you reach your goals. 
On our journey together, I would love to hear about your accomplishments, suggestions, and questions you may have.
Please refer your friends to me for advice as well, I love to help! Make sure to follow me on social media @TessaReneeTR where together we can strives to be the best and nothing less!
Tessa Renée